Along the journey that will be your apprentiship, I will be your guide, you will learn to discover your limits and push them away, I will be by your side at all times during these weeks, months, your progress will be huge, your trust in me will be infinite and you will abandon yourself to me, you will be faithful and devoted to me. Along the sessions you will reach a level that you never thought yourself capable of.

You will become my toy, my servant, my prisoner, my object, my student, my dog, my baby, my doll, my thing, my toilets…

I will be an attentive Mistress, you will be a precious little object that I will train whilst respecting your limits.

Facing your Mistress, you will go by my rules, I decide, you obey, you may suggest, propose, I will give orders.

Have I bewitched you yet? I am now in posession of your mind, your body will soon be mine, I will return it to you… maybe.

Don’t hesitate any longer call me and book an appointment 07 70 35 43 58

Montly loyalty offer                  
30 minutes session

  • Twice a month 170 €
  • Three times a month 250 €
  • Four times a month 300 €

One hour session

  • Twice a month 350 €
  • Three times a month 500 €
  • Four times a month 650 €