Are you motivated and would like to meet me?

I understand that this universe may intimidate you, scare you!

I will guide you, put you at ease, in no time you will become hooked to my tortures, all suffering even tiny if you aren’t twisted will become a delight, a pleasure an enjoyment, all your senses will come to life.

I am waiting for your call if you are motivated, you who wants to discover this world, you who has already experienced it before, and you who are even more experienced.

Ready to discover or repel your limits

Call me, now, introduce yourself, express your motivations, your experience if you have any, your fantasies, what you would like to try, your limits if you know them.

Bookings only by phone, the day before or the same day.

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Obviously I dont answer hidden calls or reply to texts on initial approach.

Is it necessary to clarify that seriousness, ponctuality and hygiene are a must.

I receive in all discretion at my Donjon of 120 square meters in Lyon Est. 

From Monday to Saturday 10am till 6pm

Phone : 07 70 35 43 58