Here you will find a few testimonials of men under my spell that have had the pleasure of being at my feet.

First testimonial here

Box of ideas

Here my dearest you can suggest practices, situations, scenarios, and any other fantasy you would like to explore

Come and submit yourself to me its an order!

Mistress Vanessa : 07 70 35 43 58

One thought on “Testimonials and fantasy

  1. My dear Mistress,

    It makes almost 1 year that i crossed pass with your penetrating and captivating grey look and that i fall under your charm and your ascendancy. You’ re the only one who has the power to send me in hell and in seventh even…

    The Subs who don’t know yet your dominating power and your influence have no clue of what they could expect when discovering your malefic universe… Psychologist, Listener, Sensual, and at the same time Chief Commander Officer, i’m sure Mistress, that you will make crawl them all at your feet… and that you will make them fall completely under your control, like me…

    Looking forward to finding you again in hell and to suffer again and again the worst tortures from my Mistress i worship more than anyone and count a lot for me.

    With love

    Your Litlle Devil

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