My Donjon Empire of Vice

My Donjon is a Unique place dedicated to domination, specially studied for you, equipped with high standard furniture.

I will receive you in discretion, in my house, a surface of 120 square meters (the biggest in France) that is dedicated to my Empire.

It is composed of various rooms and themes.

My Trhone

Where I welcome you, where you present yourself to me, I question you, interrogate you, take pleasure in seeing you at my feet. If you are fetichist  you will take pleasure in pampering my feet and my shoes.

The Hairdresser

Woman of the world, fatal woman, sexy woman or true little slut, you transform yourself, feminize yourself, I am there to guide you and teach you good postures.

The Medical

From the gynecologist table, passing to the wheels, speculum, electricity, chinese sticks, candles and every possible clamps that have always scared you, are waiting here for you.

Obstruction Room

You will discover here the coldness of the chains, the heaviness of the weights, the privation of senses, obstructions, correction, the totem (cross of Saint Andre), spacing chair, straightjacket, easel, the cage will be your compagnons.

The Suspension Room

Imagine yourself laying on a bed of nettles, your nipples and you genital parts stretched to the maximum, suspended to the sling whilst I search you before offering the fucking machine.

The new sentences room

Do you know about confinement? Are you afraid in the dark? Will you dare to abandon yourself to me completely?
My Dungeon, the black room and the glory hole, will bring you their lots of thrills.

The Bathroom

Is at your disposal for your comfort after each domination session, dressing gown, towel, and bathroom.


I could never receive you in a dirty environment, all the toys, tools, ustencils, tables are submitted to a strict cleaning process after every use, during the session I use protection gloves and condoms are used on every insertable toy.

PS : My donjon is not situated in my lounge where I would move my sofa and improvise a session, nore is it in my kitchen next to the cooking carrots.


Maîtresse Vanessa