Welcome to Mistress Vanessa`s Court, your presence here is not a coincendence, are you looking for something different?

My passion for Domination and my numerous years of experience have made me a Mistress that will offer you unique things.

You need a woman that will help you transcend your limits and those of normality, enter into a world outside the one you operate in usually. Let me take control of your mind.

<<Welcome, my pet is called Submission>>

Domination is my profound nature, this experience will be for yourself a powerful revelation no subject can resist me.

trying to resist will be unbareable for you, I decide, you obey. I will teach you to discover your limits, to push them away, you will discover this extreme pleasure and you won’t be able to live without  it.

Whether you are looking for total submission, wanting to explore your darkest fantasies, experiment something new.

You came to me, I am the obscur féminin shadow of your imagination you didn’t believe I existed, I am the mysterious creature that you’ve always dreamed of, I am your savior, your worst nightmare, the aggressor, the protector, the monster of your childhood, the most fantastic dream, the troubles, the hero, the worst fears, the safest place in the whole world, the perfect drug, and none of those things at all, my name is <<Mistress Vanessa>> and my pleasure is to have you between my hands.

I am described as the type of women that allows you to believe in magic and that magic exists in this world.

My world exists when you are at my feet and you will be authorized to leave this world when I say.

I am a passionate women in everything, refreshing, intelligent, intuitive, my taste for psychology contributes to create unique sessions that mix intuition and spontaneity

When I open the door a tall blonde with piercing eyes and dream measurements will welcome you, I will calculate and analyse each one of your movements without judgement or prejudice.

Beyond the threshold of my door you will feel a wave of comprehension wash you, a strange feeling will embrace you in my presence, suddenly it will be daylight inside you and you will realise that with me you are finally You.

During the sessions I am myself, my goal is to make you better, this means pushing you in unexpected ways, this means you need to give yourself to me, I expect you to communicate with me clearly and trust me entirely.

<< Domination is a game, but it goes above whips and chaines>>

<<Domination is an art and your body is its canvas>>

Mistress Vanessa

Come and submit yourself to me its an order!


Mistress Vanessa
Phone : 07 70 35 43 58